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New Car Production Delays

New Car Production Delays
Posted On By Ben Fleetwood

There is a significant delay on the production of vehicles at the moment, and it’s down to a shortage of computer chips that need a semiconductor component.

This semiconductor is now in short supply pushing back vehicle production by several months.

Semiconductors are used in many electrical items including both your petrol and diesel cars as well as electric vehicles, though electric vehicles tend to use more.

So how did this come about? Last year, when COVID-19 struck, it was assumed that demand for the electrical components would reduce, so most, if not all, vehicle manufacturers reduced their computer chip orders. However, the opposite occurred and demand in fact went up. With a very limited number of factories producing the computer chips, acquiring more chips on a shorter notice is very difficult, as the manufacturers themselves have reallocated their production to other customers.

The good news is that time will resolve this issue as supply lines return to pre pandemic levels, and we should start to see things return back to normal from the start of next year. However, there is still a demand that needs to be resolved in the meantime and the return back to normal will not be instantaneous.

But what is a typical production time? I hear you ask. We would typically look at an average production time of 12 to 14 weeks. However, were you to order a new electric car today, you would be looking at a delivery around December to January, with a 20 to 22 week build time. Some electric vans are now a full 12-month order time.

So how does this effect you? Do you need to consider your vehicle needs a little sooner than expected?